Claritech Solutions is passionate about protecting our clients’ data

We have the experience

Our consultants are experts in Wi-Fi deployments and have the WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi Technical Certification. We offer penetration testing and Wi-Fi security assessments.

We have the resources & solutions

Claritech is a Gold Certified WatchGuard Partner. That means we have access to the best support, pricing and additional resources available. If you use Wi-Fi, we have the products and experience to make your Wi-Fi installation secure and perform optimally.

We are capable & trustworthy

We’ve been dealing with IT and security for over 30 years and know what it takes to deliver trust. Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of our dozens of clients. Please check out our testimonials below or Contact us for references.

We solve problems and prepare you for the future

We do more than sell services; we ensure our solution works within your business environment.

Wi-Fi continues to become increasingly important for businesses. It provides convenient and inexpensive access to corporate networks and the Internet for management and staff. It provides guests with convenient and fast access to the Internet and to services you provide. It can help to track visitors and  the movement of people throughout your facilities, regardless of the type of business.

Management and staff need continuous, reliable and fast access to corporate resources and the Internet. More users are demanding free and secure Wi-Fi access for their personal devices, and not necessarily to the internal network. Controlling and securing this access is critical to maintain the integrity of the overall network and to protect users’ personal information. Other users require access to the Internet as well as to servers and devices on the internal network. These users must be properly authenticated and secured, without the need for additional complexity.

Visitors are an entirely new class of user who are demanding ever more fast and inexpensive Wi-Fi access, particularly as their stay in your facilities increases. Shopping centres, hotels and restaurants have been the first to recognize this need, but the need for secure, reliable and trackable Wi-Fi access has been growing in all other businesses as well.

Dan Frederick and his team have been our "go-to IT guys" since January 2007. Their technical ability and prompt service response is second to none. If you are seeking network reliability, Claritech should be your first and only call!

Perry CavanaghGeneral Manager, Don Hartman North East Sportsplex

Claritech is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Our system runs smoothly because of Dan and his team.

Karen RutherfordAlberta Roofing Contractors Association

As a junior oil and gas company in Calgary, we are sensitive to costs and Claritech delivers. We trust Claritech with our business data and our information systems. They have been instrumental in moving jfEnergy into the cloud with Office 365 and OneDrive.

Brad MurrayPresident, jfEnergy Corp.

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