This article discusses three ways that we help our clients reduce their technology budget. Contact us now if you’d like us to do the same for you.

Embrace the Cloud

Embrace the cloud

You’ve probably heard a lot about the cloud for the past few years. The reality is that using online or hosted services can drastically reduce what it costs to install and maintain your corporate applications. The biggest example of this is your email server. If your email is still hosted in-house, a large part of your IT budget could be reduced or even eliminated by moving your email to Office 365 or Google Apps. In the last year alone we have helped a number of our clients reduce their email costs by migrating them to one of these two major email hosts.

Email is only the beginning of where the cloud can benefit your business. Virtually any service that you are currently using in-house servers for is available as a hosted service. Examples include customer relationship management, oil and gas applications, accounting, facility/rental schedulingemployee scheduling/timesheets and even your phone system.

User training and proper security policies are important to help minimize any risks associated with cloud computing. We’ll be discussing cloud application security in our next post.

Remote Monitoring and Support

Remote monitoring

If your IT support provider is not monitoring your equipment and providing support remotely, you are probably paying too much for your IT services. The tools that Claritech employs today can reduce your support costs and make your users much happier and more productive.

Your users are continuing to do more work from home and on their mobile devices. Traditionally, home computers and personal cell phones have gone unsupported or the users are left on their own for personal device support. Our new service offering focuses on your users and makes sure they are productive with all of their devices, not just the corporate ones.

Outsourcing to Reduce your Payroll


One of the highest costs of managing information technology is employee salaries. Along with the use of new online technologies, we can help to reduce your payroll costs in the following ways:

  1. By providing the right level of resource for your particular need. As your needs change, we can change the level of resource we provide;
  2. We can provide fractional resources, from very part time to multiple full-time equivalents;
  3. We manage transitions for a continuation of service to keep your business operating, even during times of change.

Contact us today to find out more about our services, including our new Claritech Trust Bundle.

Dan Frederick

Dan Frederick

Dan Frederick, BSc Eng, MBA, is the president of Claritech Solutions. He's passionate about Data Protection and IT Security.

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