The core of our offering is individual support incorporated within the Claritech Trust Bundle. By concentrating on the needs of the individuals in your organization, you can rest assured that they will be supported, no matter what their information technology needs. Our full service offering includes unlimited remote and phone support for each individual, regardless of the devices they use.  With the understanding that individuals don’t always leave their work at the office, we even include a home device for each of our supported individuals.


The Claritech Trust Bundle includes remote monitoring, inventory and antivirus for each of your devices as well as one home device for each user, all packaged together in one low per-user price.

Making IT simple

  1. Our personnel are customer focused and easy to talk to, both technically and interpersonally.
  2. We support all of your organization’s people through unlimited remote and phone support as well as user training.
  3. We leverage cloud-based applications and utilities to create a safer and more productive working environment.

Enhancing Value

  • Reducing data loss risk by focusing on security, backups and user training,
  • Managing vendor relationships and negotiating contracts,
  • Selecting and integrating systems and applications that will provide the most long-term value,
  • Providing cloud services such as Google Apps for Work and Office 365 to lower your infrastructure costs and increase productivity,
  • Using inexpensive, powerful web-based tools to monitor and pro-actively manage your technology infrastructure remotely.

How We Do It

  1. Review: capture the current state by performing an IT systems review;
  2. Envision: create a clear future state utilizing the business plan, philosophy and goals;
  3. Plan: facilitate the path to the future state through the development of a strategic IT plan;
  4. Achieve:  execute the plan through cost-effective, efficient project management combined with suitably skilled resources.
Dan Frederick

Dan Frederick

Dan Frederick, BSc Eng, MBA, is the president of Claritech Solutions. He's passionate about Data Protection and IT Security.

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