We have been using Datto for several years now to protect our clients’ critical business information. We like Datto because it covers all the bases in a small business disaster recovery strategy: local and cloud virtualization and instant local recovery along with ease of use and excellent support.

Two of our clients are setup in unique ways that could benefit many small businesses. One client is using the infinite cloud retention as an encrypted cloud archiving solution to keep large data files backed up in the cloud, eliminating the need for long-term off-site storage. This gives us the flexibility of maintaining archives without the additional step of managing off-site backup drives or tapes.

Another client has a Datto agent running on each workstation, giving us the ability to completely virtualize their entire office and run it from the cloud in the event of a disaster. The workstation backups are performed daily and the server backups are run hourly, minimizing the risk of data loss, even in the event of a complete server failure.

To find out more about how we’re using Datto and how we might be able to better protect your corporate data, please register for our free breakfast workshop on September 20. For more details and to register, click here.

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